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shifting_knife in wetheinvincible

...you were wondering where they were, weren't you? [Starbucks, near the Manhattan Mall]

There were very few things that Marylou liked that she couldn't make for herself. Pumpkin Spice Lattes were one of them and thus are they in the coffee shop, sitting at one of the couches near the back. Aoife had her own peppermint hot chocolate to keep her busy, as well as a her half of the biscotti they'd gotten, so she figures that a little leisurely sipping is in order.

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She's not eating the biscotti, so much as crumbling it into little bits. Not that she doesn't like it, but that crubling it is more fun than eating it.

She also has the financial section of the paper. As usual.
"You might want to check the entertainment section," she points out over her book with a smile, "as I think there's something in there about some more celebrities who've been found."

Found as being Converts.
Aoife eyebrows at her over the paper.

"Getting to be a plague, almost."
"Yup. But always good to keep up on it," she answers.
Aoife nods, scanning over the pages she's holding one last time, before flipping to the entertainments pages.

"Anyone interesting?" she asks.
"Listen to this," she says and reads alound. "'Well known actor Tom Cruise was recently observed to be emitting a steady glow of light when in the dark. He claims to ahve been given the 'gift' by aliens, but popular opinion accredits this instead to the rash of 'conversions' taking place within the Hollywood scene.'"

She looks up, and giggles.

"Aliens, indeed."
She shakes her head.

"Just goes to show you what a little money and fame can do to someone's head."

A sip.

"Tom Hanks wasn't much of a surprise, though."

Aoife managed not to hear about that one.

"What can he do?"
"Projective empath. The only thing that saved his career is that it doesn't work when transmitted through film."
Aoife's eyes are pretty wide, at that.

She smirks.

"Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too."
Aoife giggles again, and folds the paper, resting her elbows on the table and looking at Marylou over the top of her hot chocolate.

"How's your book?"
She grins back.

"Just fine, honey. You want to get going from here? I can pick it up later."
"We've both got drinks left," she points out. "Just wondering."

Okay, maybe bored, now that she's finished the paper.
She laughs.

"Well, that's what the travel tops are for. But you can start in on this if you like," and she reaches into her purse to pull out a copy of 'Alice in Wonderland'.
Ooh, a book she hasn't read! She's heard of it. Of course. She's just never read any lewis Carroll, for some unforgiveable reason.

She smiles, hands the book over, and sips her latte.

"I thought you might like that."
She gets no answer, as Aoife has her nose buried firmly in the book.
She smiles and settles herself to read as well.
Little can peturb our dear Martin Fuentes. An example of such rarities? A poorly made cappuccino.

Our dear Martin Fuentes is currently the owner of one poorly made cappuccino.

It is heavy as a brick with very little foam, no difference between it and a latte. Because Martin's a nice guy he won't chew out the barista, but suffice it to say he is very, very peeved as he flops in a chair near Marylou and Aoife.
Los Angeles: The Beach

December 2006

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