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LA - Walking Around

You couldn't say he was doing anything other than wandering. He'd pop into the occasional bookshop, and he'd gone through three different Starbucks at various points, but he didn't have any specific aim really. His time in LA up till then had been show after show, which was great since he'd been getting rave reviews for the new show... but all the performing had taken it's toll on his brain and thus: day off.

He's got a pair of shades on, since this is LA, but they're perched on top of his head because it was a little dark for him to see well with them (and he's from NY).


"Then again, New York's not Paris."
"Ugh, thank God," he answers with a grin. "Sorry, I'll give the City of Light it's due, but you know what they say: you want the best French food, go to New York."

He grins.

"They also say that about Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German... heck, anything you care to name."
"Oh, you're just biased. Anyway, I want to take a quick look inside this book shop and then we can go on a tour."
"Maybe. Doesn't mean I'm not right," he points out. Then he looks at the book shop.

"Sounds like a plan. I was heading in to get a book for myself as well."

The bags on one arm show that he's done this a few times.
Mmm. What is it with Lindsay and bookish types? She eyes the bags, grinning. "What did you deprive all those other bookstores of?" she asks, pushing the door open.
"Restocked myself in some Maguire, couple of physics books, bit of history on my own craft, picked up my ritual copy of The Prestige, a couple of Edgar Cayce books, and I got something for my agent's daughter since that girl devours books like they're going out of style."
"And which book would that be?"

She pauses in front of a table display where one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books is on display.
"Started her on Eddings. I figure it'll take a while for her to chew through all of it. She likes the fantasy stuff," he confides.
Of course, the book would be One Hundred Years of Solitude. She picks it up, observing the cover. It seems this book will never have enough covers.

"I could never get into fantasy, you know. I liked Narnia well enough when I was seven, but after that I lost interest."
"Too preachy for my tastes," he admits. "I like my fantasy like I like my sci-fi: all about contemporary political issues at the time of writing."

He shakes his head

"Don't mind me."
She isn't minding him. She's taken in by a passage she opened by chance--though really, the whole book's a lot better in Spanish. It takes her a moment to realize what she's doing.

"--oh crap, I'm sorry," she says, looking at him sheepishly. "I wasn't even paying attention to you."
He grins.

"As long as you don't do that when I'm on stage, don't worry about it."
"You've nothing to fear. I have proper theater ettiquite." She grins. Without knowing, she closes the book and holds it as she walks around the table. "Was there anything specific you were looking for? Not that I know where everything is here. Bookstores can be so...varied."
He shakes his head.

"I never have any specific point in walking into a bookstore other than to get into a bookstore."

He grins.

"I was just lucky to see you."
"Aren't you charming?" She returns the grin and walks back in front of the table, heading towards the register. "Well I think I should...wait."

She stops, looks at the book. "I already have this one," she says shyly and puts the book back on the table.
He offers his arm.

"Care to go to another, or can I treat you to another meal? This one cardboard free, perhaps?"
"I think...I'd like a meal. I'd love one, actually."

She hooks her arm around his.
He grins.

"Very good. Now, like I said, I know a few places, but nothing around here. Anywhere you like? I'm game for it."
Lindsay makes shifty eyes.

"I mean I do...but...they've already seen enough of me this week. I think I have to lay low, you know?" Beat. "Maybe cardboard is the better option today."
"I see," he says conspiratorially, "Though if there was somewhere between there and cardboard, I'd declare you a goddess."
"Mmm...Panera, but that's chain."
"And sometimes there's nothing wrong with chain," he points out. "Lay on, MacDuff."
"That's true." She walks forward to the door, holding it open for Nick. "I've never protested a quick bite at McDonald's overseas, after all. Even...in Paris," she adds mischievously.
He smirks.

"I've done it too. I tried not to, but then there was this desperate need for a sausage mcmuffin with egg."
"No cheese?"

You can't have sausage and egg without cheese! It just isn't right.
Los Angeles: The Beach

December 2006

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