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cracking_mirror in wetheinvincible

LA - Walking Around

You couldn't say he was doing anything other than wandering. He'd pop into the occasional bookshop, and he'd gone through three different Starbucks at various points, but he didn't have any specific aim really. His time in LA up till then had been show after show, which was great since he'd been getting rave reviews for the new show... but all the performing had taken it's toll on his brain and thus: day off.

He's got a pair of shades on, since this is LA, but they're perched on top of his head because it was a little dark for him to see well with them (and he's from NY).


"I think...I'd like a meal. I'd love one, actually."

She hooks her arm around his.
He grins.

"Very good. Now, like I said, I know a few places, but nothing around here. Anywhere you like? I'm game for it."
Lindsay makes shifty eyes.

"I mean I do...but...they've already seen enough of me this week. I think I have to lay low, you know?" Beat. "Maybe cardboard is the better option today."
"I see," he says conspiratorially, "Though if there was somewhere between there and cardboard, I'd declare you a goddess."
"Mmm...Panera, but that's chain."
"And sometimes there's nothing wrong with chain," he points out. "Lay on, MacDuff."
"That's true." She walks forward to the door, holding it open for Nick. "I've never protested a quick bite at McDonald's overseas, after all. Even...in Paris," she adds mischievously.
He smirks.

"I've done it too. I tried not to, but then there was this desperate need for a sausage mcmuffin with egg."
"No cheese?"

You can't have sausage and egg without cheese! It just isn't right.
"That goes without saying," he says with a roll of his eyes. "Really, what kind of a heathen do you take me for?"
"Oh, well, even if you specifically ask for the cheese they'll usually forget to put it on." Bastards.
"Maybe for you," he says with a charming grin, though he does avoid her eyes as always.
"Why me? What'd I ever do to make them deny me cheese?"

There's plenty of reasons she can think of that would tip karma in favor of denying her cheese, but let's not get emo just yet.
He looks her up and down.

"I wouldn't have a clue."
"Are you implying that I'm fat?"
Los Angeles: The Beach

December 2006

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